The first year that Magda Aiton did an intensive at Solaluna, she was nervous.  She wondered if it would be too difficult and wasn’t sure about the challenge of doing so much yoga day after day.

While Magda did encounter challenges that first time, she discovered that what she gained from the experience far outweighed the difficulty, and she has since gone on to attend a number of intensives, both in the winter and the summer.

Perhaps you’ve heard about the intensive and are curious and interested in developing your practice, but you wonder if it will be too challenging for you.

Lots of people have wondered the same thing and discovered that doing yoga in a retreat setting has a profound effect that continues long after it is over. People feel their bodies in a fuller way. Life in general feels different after an intensive.

For some, it may seem self-involved to spend 5 hours a day, several days in a row doing yoga.  Yet people who do the intensive often discover that the experience leaves them with a sense of replenishment and a greater ability to be present and helpful to others.

In terms of the level of challenge, the summer and winter intensives are not for raw beginners.  On the other hand, it is in no way required that you be at the peak of fitness and flexibility to participate.

If 7 days feels beyond your reach at the moment, it is also possible to attend a day or two to try things out.

I asked Magda how she would describe her experience of the intensive these days.  She mentioned that she still gets a little nervous beforehand, but more in anticipation.  She knows she can work with whatever challenges the week presents, and those challenges are an essential part of the process.

Overall she sees it as a tremendous gift, and would recommend it to anyone wanting to deepen their yoga.

Wondering if the intensive is something you’d benefit from? You can get more information on our website.  This year the summer session takes place July 17-23.

There’s an early registration date of July 8, after which the price goes up.  If you have questions about it, feel free to talk with us after a class, or email and we can arrange a time.

For more information, go here!