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Essentials of Simple Yoga

Get the tools and knowledge you need for yoga to be an enriching, life-long practice. Our 3-part, online yoga program fits into your busy life and meets you where you are.

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This fall, Solaluna Yoga Studio is offering Essentials of Simple Yoga, an online program that includes three connected courses, covering poses, breath, and meditation.

  • All 3 courses have readings and pre-recorded videos that you can do at your own pace.

  • You get live online classes on Tuesday and Thursday evenings. Can’t make the class? You can view a recording of the video later.

  • Participants receive lifetime access to all the material!

  • Registration has flexible tuition. Pay an amount that works for you!

  • This program provides yoga specially tailored to help you meet the stresses and challenges that are so common in this time of the pandemic.

Sign up below, or read more to learn about this special program, and get details about the first course on the calendar, which investigates the yoga poses (asanas), and begins on September 28. You can do any of the courses individually, or you can sign up for all three together.

Want to do yoga?

Want to do it consistently?

Want more depth in the yoga that you do?

Hi! I’m Eric Stewart. I’ve been a yoga teacher for more than 20 years.

I’ve taught thousands of students of all ages over that time. I’ve seen the whole spectrum of what can be challenging for people, and I’ve seen what works. Simple Yoga is an approach that stems from what I’ve learned teaching hundreds of classes a year over the past two decades.

Every person who takes a yoga class comes to it with their own unique body and circumstances. Simple Yoga acknowledges the variety of people’s experiences, and offers a time-tested framework for doing yoga in a safe and sound way.

With that in mind, the material in this course includes essential information that I’ve gleaned from my many years of study, teaching, and practice.

These fundamentals give beginners a leg up; if you already do yoga, it can be like finding some key puzzle-pieces.

This course will allow you to get substantially more out of any yoga that you do in the future; if you are just beginning yoga, it will set you on a positive path.

 The possibility of having yoga in your life can feel reassuring, but it can also churn up some uncertainty, or even discomfort.

Doing yoga is reassuring because the benefits are so significant! What’s not to like about a single activity that boosts energy levels, settles the mind and reduces stress? And what’s not to like about building mobility, strength, and balance all at once?

Lots of folks want what yoga has to offer, and when it is done with awareness and consistency, its gifts are priceless. I have heard many people remark that yoga saved their life, or deeply changed the course of life. 

But… maybe you wonder if you have time to do it. And if you have no experience with yoga, you might wonder:

  • How much flexibility do I need to start yoga?
  • Do I need to be calm and relaxed to do it?
  • What if I don’t have the right yoga clothing?
  • What if my schedule doesn’t allow me to attend live sessions because of other obligations?

The answers are:

  • You can start yoga with any level of flexibility as long as you have an instructor who understands how to safely lengthen muscles (which is different from just stretching).
  • Yoga helps people deal better with stress. All of us encounter stress, and you don’t need to be calm to start. You may discover that by doing more yoga, the negative effects of stress will decrease.
  • You don’t need any special yoga clothing, especially in your own home. Any clothing that is comfortable to move in is fine.
  • There will be some live sessions for those who want to tune in, but recordings of these classes will fold into the curriculum, and be available to you at the time of your choosing.

Here are a few of the situations you might be dealing with as you read this:

  • The stresses of work
  • The stresses of not having work
  • Taking care of kids
  • Taking care of elders
  • Feeling isolated and lonely
  • Concerns about your physical and mental health
  • Concerns about societal conflict


When we’re not in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, there are many things that we do naturally to ground ourselves. Hugs, for one. Remember hugs? Sharing meals with friends. Gathering in groups to listen to music. Remember live music? Remember smiling, and being able to see someone’s full face when they smile back?

We aren’t in a normal time. But our need to stay centered and connected remains. As challenging as this pandemic is, facing its difficulties with clear eyes can reveal new solutions. This course offers ways to help people keep a center and stay connected.

I’ve been working on this material for a long time, and the pandemic has helped me focus on the most important parts. This course aims to meet a great need that many people have right nowto fortify, and build back physical, mental, and emotional well-being

There are a few basic things that help folks maintain a center, even in the middle of difficulty:

  • We need balanced amounts of movement and physical activity.

  • At the same time, we need rest.

  • It also helps to be aware of how we react and respond to thoughts and emotions.

I’m excited to share how yoga can help you address these needs. I’ve seen it help people reduce tension and distraction. I’ve seen it give folks more freedom in movement, and a clearer, calmer state of mind.

To get there, we’ll start with activity. We’ll start with how to focus physical activity so that it settles the mind; we’ll address how to combine mobility, strength, and balance that you can increase physical capacity without being depleted or injured.

When you work with activity in a balanced way, you can get access to more energy & vibrancy. As an added benefit, it becomes easier to rest. In yoga, the most straightforward way to work with activity is the poses, the asanas.


Essentials of Simple Yoga: Asana

As noted above, Essentials of Simple Yoga is three connected courses which cover poses, breath, and meditation.

The section on poses (asanas) is the first that will run. It begins on September 28, and registration is now open.

The other two courses will follow. It is possible to sign up for just the asana course, or to register for all three together. As with all of our offerings, we have flexible payment options. There is a suggested amount, and you can always pay a different amount that works for you. You’ll find registration links below.

About Simple Yoga

Simple Yoga is the method we’ll be using.

Simple Yoga is a way for people to do yoga as a life-long activity, guided by the challenges and supports that are present in life. This lets the learning process breathe and be adaptable to a wide variety of circumstances and situations. In this method, there are three key points of emphasis that guide the process:

  • Support is a foundation. Supports such as the ground and the breath are tangible resources that make yoga and life easier. Awareness of support facilitates the development of greater capacity, from activities that are less complex, to activities that are more complex.

  • Poses, breathing and meditation are often treated as separate practices, each with their own rules and methods. Simple Yoga uses a set of common principles as a foundation for learning all three of these practices.

  • Settled attention has simplicity. Scattered, distracted attention is the opposite of simple. When attention settles, clarity arises, and we can move into the heart of what yoga is.

These principles provide a connected framework to guide our journey through all three sections of the Essentials course.

Here are the sorts of results you can expect to see from this course:

  • An understanding of yoga that goes further and deeper than you can get from just attending classes.

  • A framework that lets you adapt the practice to the specific needs and capacities of your body.

  • Knowledge of how to practice in a way that avoids injury.

  • An understanding of how to access support in the practice, and ways to expand that support into the rest of life.

  • An increased awareness of movement, and an increased range of movement.

  • Greater steadiness in the body and mind, as well as a greater ability to be present within the unsteadiness and uncertainty of life.

Here are a few of the things that we’ll cover in the asana course:

  • Lengthening tissue without overstretching or strain.

  • Building strength through awareness of muscle activity.

  • Increasing your overall coordination and balance by strengthening and mobilizing the feet and ankles, along with other practices that help you balance better.

  • Addressing the strength and flexibility of the arms & shoulders, legs & hips, back & abdomen.

    You’ll get active sequences, and restful sequences; sequences with movement, and sequences with stillness. All of this and more will be presented in a clear format that doesn’t eat up too much of your time.

Readings, Audio & Video


  • Each section of the asana essentials course has clear, concise readings, which are also available in an audio format.

  • In addition to the text and audio, short video classes provide a way to deepen your understanding.

  • Also, there will be periodic live video classes. If you can’t make the class when it first runs, you will have access to a video recording that you can watch when time permits.

  • The course is hosted on Thinkific, an online learning platform that is well-organized, and easy to use.

This course is for you if:


  • You’re looking for a way to center yourself, with an activity that helps you feel connection in the middle of this very challenging time.

  • You’re new to yoga. You want a solid understanding of how yoga works, and how different practices fit together.

  • You’ve done yoga for awhile. You’re looking for new information and a new perspective to recharge your connection with yoga.

  • You’re looking for an activity that you can do for years to come, that has physical, mental, and emotional benefits, and addresses your whole self.

  • You need a program that can fit your schedule.

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Sign up now for Essentials of Simple Yoga: Asana. Program begins September 28. The live elements run through October 19 & you get lifetime access. Suggested tuition is $147, and we always offer the option that you can pay an amount that works for you.


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 Sign up now for the entire Essentials package: Asana, Breath & Meditation. Program begins September 28. The live elements run through December 21 & you get lifetime access. Suggested tuition is $385, and we always offer the option that you can pay an amount that works for you.

Lifetime access, plus our satisfaction guarantee.

  • All participants receive lifetime access to the course materials. While the live elements of the asana program will run through the middle of October, session recordings will always be accessible.

  • Most of the live classes that run during the course will happen on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 7:00 PM Eastern time. Recordings will be made available shortly after the classes finish.

  • If you are not satisfied with the course, you can request a full refund. We only ask that you pass the course on to someone who can benefit from it.

Register for Asana Essentials, or for the entire 3-course package: asana, breath & meditation!


The Asana course starts September 25. Breath begins October 26, and Meditation runs from November 30 to December 21 (just in time to get ahead of any holiday angst that may be lurking). While courses have suggested prices, we welcome you to pay an amount that works for you. You can adjust the price at checkout. To ensure that we cover expenses, there is a minimum price for each offering. The minimum for any individual course is $35, and the minimum for the package of 3 is $75.


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