Essentials of Simple Yoga: Asana

Get the tools and knowledge you need for yoga to be an enriching, life-long practice.

Get a system that can help you:

  • address and reduce pain
  • move better
  • get stronger
  • focus attention and settle distraction and anxiety
  • learn yoga in-depth with a schedule that works for you

This online Essentials course covers the poses, the asanas. Learn how balanced physical activity can help you settle your mind!

You get: pre-recorded and live video sessions, audio segments, and readings.

The course begins January 8, when the first readings are made available.

Live online classes happen Saturdays and Tuesdays at 12:30 PM. The first of these classes is Saturday, January 9.

While the suggested amount is $147, you can pay a different amount that works for you, either lower or higher. The minimum amount you can pay for this course is $35. This ensures that we cover our costs.

If you are giving this course as a gift, please enter the recipient’s email in the notes section at checkout.

Suggested price: $147.00