Hello everyone,

This week I have learned a very basic lesson. It’s a lesson I’ve encountered before, and it might be more accurate to say it’s something I re-learned (especially so, given that I had to re-learn this particular thing a few times in the span of the last seven days, and I’ll no doubt find a need to absorb it again in the future).

The lesson is that yoga is a great giver of perspective, and a great disperser of tumult and overwhelm.

The divisions and hurts churned up in this election have had a way of pulling hard on the strings of emotion. And emotion has a way of pulling body, breath, and mind in all sorts of different and disparate directions.

Yoga is miraculous in the way it can knit jumbled and fractured elements back together. It just requires the attention given to doing it. When we give to the practice, it gives back, offering insight, perspective, clarity, coordination.

Wherever you are, whatever changes and uncertainties are pulling at your life, try some yoga and see what it has to offer. Or if you are nearby, come on down to a class at Solaluna. Here’s our current schedule.