Eric Stewart

Over the years, due to home ownership and business expansion, I’ve stumbled my way into a number of demolition, construction, and reconstruction projects. While I’ve done a lot of this sort of work, I’m very aware that it’s far from what I’m best at. I’d say it’s more on the side of what I’m worst at.

Still, it’s good to stretch oneself, and sometimes venture into tasks that lie outside of what’s comfortable.

On the other hand…

Relying on one’s limited skills to pull off a big project without support is asking for trouble.

So I am beyond grateful that my brother, Michael has been along for the ride through all of the Solaluna restorations we’ve done over the years. Because of his knowledge and experience, we’ve saved a lot of time, money, and heartache.

There’s a parallel with yoga: developing a personal practice involves learning to draw on one’s inner resources; it necessitates not always relying on the help of others. This is a vital, essential part of practice.

Yet when unknown, uncharted waters emerge on the journey, it sometimes helps to have a guide, someone to ease the way.

Seeking Support?

If you are looking for some support on your path, check out our schedule of classes here. We can offer guidance and resources whether you’re just beginning or you’ve been venturing awhile.