I’m writing this from New York City, where I’m doing a course ¬†on nerves– using manual techniques to release restrictions around and in nerve fibers, which allows them to lengthen.

The workshop is led by one of my favorite instructors, and I’m grateful for the chance to soak up new information and become more proficient in this very amazing work.

When I started learning these techniques (which were developed by a French Osteopath, Jean-Pierre Barral), I felt like I was all thumbs. As with any skill, it requires time, instruction, mistakes and insights. It also requires curiosity and a willingness to harvest one’s mistakes for deeper insight.

Sometimes in the middle of that process, I’ve wondered if I’d ever gain the skill to be truly effective, and while I am essentially at the level of an apprentice in relation to the teachers who’ve been practicing for many decades, I’m inspired by their ability and have come to feel on a solid footing in my own expression of the work.

The learning process in the nerve work is the same thing people encounter in yoga, music, dance, or in athletics. This learning process is such a powerful, vital thing.

If you are in a learning process with something, and it’s healthy for you, good on you! Keep it up!

If you’d like to find more learning in your life, listen to what speaks to you. Find something that both challenges and nourishes you. It’s one of the best things you can do for yourself.

At Solaluna, we have programs that stimulate and encourage learning in a variety of ways, ranging from styles of yoga and meditation, exploration of movement through Feldenkrais and Alexander Technique, private instruction using yoga and bodywork, and also in-depth intensives and teacher training programs.

Check out our schedule and offerings to see how we might be of service to you in your own learning process. We appreciate when you benefit from what we offer.

Lastly, a big thanks from me to everyone at Solaluna: those of you who subbed my classes, kept things running the past few days, and put out this newsletter. I’m grateful to have a chance to explore and come back with new stuff.