Simple Yoga Teacher Training, Summer 2014


This training is for aspiring yoga teachers looking for an engaging, comprehensive education that provides the necessary skills to teach yoga with craft and with heart.

With Eric Stewart and Staff

Training Dates are June 6-July 21, 2014

Simple Yoga is about developing accurate perception. It is about using the basic states of the body and the environment to hone and refine awareness. Asana, breathing, sitting and other practices provide the structure and freedom to develop this refinement, which results in mental steadiness, physical coordination, and overall resilience.

This training provides in-depth instruction, giving participants the resources to become a well-rounded  yoga teacher. Subjects covered include:

  • A unique approach to anatomy and physiology: A clear, accessible, fun and deeply insightful way to learn about your body, from your body, from people who know a thing or two about the body.

  • Understanding asana from the ground up: An approach to asana based on sound principles that respects the body’s intelligence and also provides a clear system and structure.

  • Effective use of language and voice: Language and voice are essential and often under-recognized elements of teaching that deserve understanding and support.

  • Understanding breath through science and experience: The science of breathing and the experience of breathing in a practice such as yoga might sometimes seem to be at odds. This approach to breathing unifies the two.

  • Supporting personal practice: Practicing on one’s own is an essential, but often challenging activity for a yoga teacher. The training provides tools and support to sustain personal practice.

  • The philosophy of yoga in a present-day context: Simple Yoga reframes ancient philosophical concepts in a way that makes sense for people practicing in the present.

  • Business as a Practice: Teaching Yoga is challenging enough on its own, but for many prospective instructors, being in the business of teaching yoga can feel conflicted and contradictory. However, the business of teaching yoga can become a fulfilling practice that allows teachers to assist others in diminishing their own suffering.

  • and much more

What people have to say:

The Simple Yoga teacher training is built around profound knowledge of yoga and the body from the inside out. I am so happy that I waited for training that embodies knowledge, integrated to meet the central principles of yoga teaching.

Kora Radella, MFA, RYT, Kenyon, OH

Eric is perhaps the most original, insightful, and unpretentious teacher I have ever met. Eric’s lessons for me have been so subtle, so precise, and so appropriate that I know I can never forget them: they are with me almost every day, even years later.

Chandler Yorkhall, NCTB, CP AOBTA Instructor, Centerpoint School for Massage & Shiatsu Therapy, Minneapolis, MN


Early Registration Tuition before May 16: $3000 general, $2500 full-time students.

After May 16, Tuition is $3400 general, $2900 full-time students.

Questions about whether this training is right for you?  Please feel free to contact us.