Donation Options

If you choose to pay for classes or workshops by donation, there are three things to consider in choosing the right amount to pay:

1) Consider what you can afford.

2) Consider the value of the class to you.

3) Consider the teacher’s time and energy. 

If what you can afford is a determining factor, give more weight to that in making your decision.

If the affordability of the class is less an issue or not an issue, give more weight to the other factors.

When using pay what you can for a workshop, you will make an initial deposit and then determine the amount to pay at the end of the workshop.

No amount is too small, no amount is too large. It’s what you feel inspired to pay. If it is helpful for you to have a reference for what a yoga class or workshop generally costs, you can look at the per-class costs of the class packages we offer, or the listed tuition of the workshop. This doesn’t mean you should pay that amount. Your own situation will determine what’s best to pay. You can use the pay what you can option whether you are a frequent or infrequent student at Solaluna.