Does this sound like you?

Do any of these scenarios resemble your life?

  • You have a full schedule. There’s rarely enough time to do everything you have to do. Every day you’re pulled in different directions. You feel scattered inside, and you wish it all held together better.

  • You spend a lot of time attending to the needs of others.Perhaps you are a teacher, or have young children of your own. Because of your circumstances, there’s very little time and energy left for yourself. Sometimes you feel emotionally drained and physically tense, and wish that you could focus more on your own health and well being.

  • You have always been active, but are finding you are not as springy as you used to be. You are starting to encounter limitations to your previous levels of activity. Stiffness, aches, and pains have appeared in new parts of your body. You’d really like to get some of that youthful feeling back again.

  • As a busy student, you are juggling a full course-load with many other activities. You love the intellectual stimulation of school, but your body and mind both feel tense and messed-up from so much focus on academics. Campus life can feel unsettled, and you’d like to find a place that feels more solid– a refuge, where you can just be yourself and reconnect with a sense of balanced wellbeing.

  • You are pregnant and experiencing the joy of nurturing the new life inside you. This involves many changes, both physical and emotional, and it can feel overwhelming.  You would love to find a way to create space in your body and mind, while connecting more deeply with your baby.  It would also be great to be with a group of women who “get it,” because they are going through the same things.   

  • You are a health-conscious person who loves activity. You like to understand how your body works, and exercise is very important to you. It feels good to work out, and you feel the benefits, but it seems that something is missing. You’d like to find a way to connect the physical activity with a sense of inner awareness and attention. Rather than your workout feeling like it just goes through the motions, you’d like to find more depth.

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