Alexander Technique


During the summer, Jim will not teach a regular weekly class, but is available for appointments.

To schedule, call 419-281-3864

Do you get pain and discomfort with things you either love to do or need to do? This class is for people who struggle with strain and tension during important activities. The class explores the Alexander Technique, which is a way to find freedom and ease in movement through gentle, hands-on support.


As a vocal performance major, I found that a lot of tension and pain was causing me to dislike making music. After working with Jim for a number of sessions my voice opened up, and singing has never been better!



Alexander technique is a method that uses gentle, hands-on support, to help students find freedom and ease in movement.

With time, the Alexander Technique can help people learn how to restore freedom and ease without a teacher present. It helps the whole person.

What to Expect:

Private Lessons: $60/hour. Group Lessons Available



Jim introduced me to the Alexander Technique. I was having trouble with a yoga pose and really did not enjoy it. He totally transformed the pose for me by changing my mindset. I now find a lift and lengthening instead of effort and strain. I really appreciated his advice because Alexander technique has given me a new perspective on my yoga practice.